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“We are true experts in our field. And we go the extra mile because we want our customers to keep coming back. How high are our standards? Very, and these high standards have been passed down from generation to generation.”

Stefan Remmel, Master Painter and General Manager

Design & Consultation

Project Management

We will oversee your construction project to ensure that you have as little work as possible. At least twice a week, your contact person or project manager will touch base with you by phone, text message or email.

Trend Scouting

Did you know that, by following fashion trends, you can also predict upcoming home-decor trends? The design centres of the major paint and flooring manufacturers with whom we work analyse these developments. This is how we stay up to date with the latest trends.

Healthy Living

For us, looks alone are not enough. This is why we use low-emission paints that contain no solvents or plasticisers. For allergy-sufferers, we make sure all materials have special allergy-friendly certification. Feel free to contact us for more information on the materials that are used in our paints, lacquers and floor coverings.
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Mould Treatment

Not only is mould an eye sore: It is also bad for your health. As a qualified specialist for mould treatment, we quickly analyse and eliminate the causes, remove all contaminated materials and refurbish the affected areas.
Click here for more information on mould treatment.

Mineral Renders/Paints

High-quality interior mineral paints, primers, textured finishes and intermediate coating materials with filling properties, along with façade renders and paints, are all excellent choices for achieving a sustainable and durable finish.
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Digital Consultation

Unusual design ideas are often difficult to visualise. With the help of a virtual-reality headset, we can show you simulations for various options and designs. Many of our customers have said that this service is extremely helpful when it comes to making design choices.

Full-Service Package

If you choose our patented full-service package, we will manage all of the tasks required for your renovation project, from emptying cabinets and moving furniture to removing curtains, having them cleaned and rehanging them.
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Energy Consultation

​Most new buildings have good insulation, but older buildings often need improvement in this area. Numerous technical innovations have made it possible to integrate highly efficient insulation without changing the character of the façade. There are also many excellent solutions for insulating interior walls. 

We are qualified specialists for energy consultation in the field of painting and spray finishing and would be happy to talk with you about the available options for your property, along with how much energy could be saved. We can also provide you with information on the applicable government subsidies.

Interior Design


When it comes to wall design, we can be incredibly creative: Wallpapers, marble plastering and other creative techniques offer an amazing range of design options and are an indispensable part of our personalised colour concepts.
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Today, a wide range of flooring materials are available. We will help you find the floor covering that best suits your interior design concept.
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Doors and Windows

We are well-known for our work in the professional refurbishment of front doors and interior doors. Windows and doors are always in motion and are therefore exposed to considerable wear. It is only a matter of time before the finish starts to show its age. We can make your doors look brand new again! Read more …

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings offer new options for ceiling design and can also be used as the basis for wonderful lighting concepts..
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Classic drywalling is often used when redesigning rooms or renovating attics.
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Be it homes, large office spaces, workshops or rehearsal rooms: Room echo can be reduced. Sound-absorbing systems can be either incorporated into renovation projects or added to existing rooms.
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Spray Finishing

In our own workshop for spray finishing, we give furniture and other everyday objects new radiance.
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Commercial Facilities

The right concept for every sector: from sophisticated furnishings for boardrooms and ergonomic lighting for workspaces to highly durable materials for high-customer-traffic areas. With our professional services for project and schedule management, we coordinate all renovation activities so that you can stay focused on your business.
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Exterior Design


As a certified business in the skilled trades sector for the restoration of historical buildings in line with heritage-conservation and style guidelines, we create colour concepts for new buildings or the renovation of older buildings and can advise you on thermal insulation and the preservation of your building’s structure.
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City of Bonn Façade Award

Many of the most attractive façades in our city have been restored or designed by us in accordance with heritage-conservation guidelines. Since Bonn’s first façade competition in 1972, we have regularly been among the award winners.Click here for information on how to enter!

A Matter of Perspective

Why Our Partners Enjoy Working with Us

“Stefan Remmel is the kind of client we love working with. He values our expertise on materials, likes to stay informed about innovations and involves us in the planning process. This leads to simply outstanding results.”

Martin Steffens, Caparol

Why Our Employees Are So Dedicated

“Malermeister Klotz is simply a great employer! They expect the best from their employees, but that’s what makes my job so special: professional work with highly motivated colleagues, appreciation for my work and a climate in which personal needs and interests are also taken into consideration.”

Ferdi Gerhard

Why Our Customers Recommend Us

“We have been working with the company Klotz for many years, and with every project we are impressed with the design ideas, the perfect implementation and the professional planning. It’s fun working with Malermeister Klotz on renovation projects!”

Jörg Kohlhas

Why I Became a Master Painter

“All of us need places in our lives where we feel relaxed and at home: places for recharging our batteries, where we can be ourselves and live in accordance with our own values. Helping design these kinds of spaces for my customers is what I love most.”

Stefan Remmel, Master Painter and General Manager

Our Paint Shop

“When we were expecting our first child, we found an old children’s bed in our attic. My father-in-law had slept in it when he was a baby. It was a magical piece of furniture, full of memories, but the paint was in bad condition. Mr Rick recommended spray finishing. My husband was a little sceptical at first, but when Mr Rick explained that it is possible to achieve a beautiful finish with solvent-free paints and that all of the old paint would be removed by hand before applying the spray finish, we decided to accept his offer. Now, decades later, our first grandchild is sleeping in the same bed.”


Mr and Mrs Krämer


“Last year, when I was on a two-week business trip, the company Klotz completely renovated my living and dining room. I was barely out the door when the painters started packing up the contents of my cabinets, moving furniture and taking down paintings and curtains. When I returned home, it felt like walking into a brand-new flat. All of the work had been completed, so I could simply put down my suitcase and relax on the sofa with a glass of wine. What a marvellous feeling!”

Mr and Mrs Schäfer


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