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Home-design trends are not a product of chance: They are actually predictable. The major manufacturers of paints, flooring etc. are active in so-called trend scouting: In their own design centres, developments in the fashion scene are observed and analysed, because colour trends in the clothing industry eventually trickle down into interior-design trends. However, scouting is not only about reacting to these trends: It can also involve proactively influencing them. This results in ever- fascinating colour collections, which we integrate into our concepts, along with new materials and techniques. Our approach is to maintain a mastery of the classic techniques while learning new ones and staying up to date on innovative materials and home-design trends.

Doors and Windows

Freshly Painted and as Good as New
Do you have a profiled, old-town front door, a frame-and-panel door or another architectural gem that is starting to show its age? Doors are always in motion and are therefore exposed to considerable wear. It is only a matter of time before the finish starts to suffer. The careful refinishing of front and interior doors is the flagship service offered by our company. If the wood itself is damaged, we will have it repaired by a carpenter’s workshop. The painting is carried out in our own spray-finishing workshop. Interior doors also profit from a coat of paint, e.g. if the colour design of the room has been changed. Freshly painted doors are as good as new.


The Calling Card of Your Property
The façade design gives buildings an unmistakable appearance. But the façade also has to fit to the character of the surroundings, like a city street or a newly developed area with single-family homes. Here, the aim is to take the “colour atmosphere” into consideration. As a certified historic-preservation business, we also specialise in the restoration of historical buildings in line with style and heritage-conservation guidelines and can manage all communication with the responsible historic-preservation agency.

Just a façade?
The façade not only plays a major role in terms of appearance, but also has an important function when it comes to protecting the substance of the building. With the right materials, it can offer long-term protection against weather and environmental influences. Thermal insulation also has to be taken into consideration in this context. We are qualified energy consultants in the painting sector.

Commercial Facilities

Perfect Timing

Are you putting off a renovation project in your office building, practice or shop because you are unable to find a window of time for interrupting your business operations? Wait no longer: We can help you time the renovations to minimise business interruptions. It’s all about effective project management, an area in which we are true experts. For example, windows and doors can often be repainted in our spray-finishing workshop and then installed during normal office hours. Flooring can be laid in sections after business hours. In Bad Godesberg, for example, we completely renovated a bookshop over the Carnival holidays. By Ash Wednesday, the entire project was finished!

From sophisticated furnishings for boardrooms and ergonomic lighting for workspaces to highly durable materials for areas with heavy customer traffic, we offer you innovative concepts for the design of walls, ceilings, floors and lighting. We have already completed numerous projects for public institutions.

The optimisation of acoustics is another important component of interior design. We minimise echo with high-quality and attractive sound-absorbing systems.

Our master-craftsmen business has earned a certificate of competence for fire protection, with services that include the application of protective coatings to metal and wood.



A Matter of Perspective

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