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Life without Noise: Acoustic Construction

Our large conference room on the second floor of our company headquarters in Bonn is connected seamlessly to an open stairway. When you walk into the room, you immediately notice the echo-free environment. In fact, it sounds like you are in a small living room furnished with plants, curtains and carpeting. This atmosphere is created by the Melapor panels, which are soft foam elements based on melamine resin with a fine, open-celled structure.

When used as a covering for walls or ceilings, they can be glued directly to a load-bearing substrate, and as baffles or ceiling sails, they can be suspended from the ceiling using standard T-shaped guide rails. Owing to their quick installation and easy processing, Melapor elements are a perfect sound-absorbing solution for existing spaces (e.g. large offices or workshops) and can also be planned into the designs of rooms with special acoustic requirements.


Does your project involve dividing a hallway into separate spaces, adding a study or installing an attractive ceiling covering? We can offer on-site consulting. As a classic lightweight construction material, drywalling offers numerous options for solving functional requirements and implementing room designs and decorative structures, including

  • ceiling coverings or suspended ceilings
  • wall coverings or installation walls (e.g. room dividers)
  • flooring systems
  • simple insulation
  • room-in-room systems (e.g. living-space expansion, meeting rooms)



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