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Naturally Healthy

We always choose the most environmentally and health-friendly materials, meaning low-emission and solvent-free. Our paints are certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV), and our standard paint contains no plasticisers. For allergy-sufferers, we use materials with special allergy-friendly certification. We provide our customers with information on the materials used in our paints and floor coverings, as well as on the associated requirements, like proper ventilation. All construction dust is cleaned up during the renovation phase. We work with certified specialists to ensure the professional disposal of hazardous substances.

If you are having mould problems, we can also help you get rid of this uninvited guest. Click here to read some tips for initial treatment.


Mineral Renders

Environmentally friendly renovation and construction: More and more people want a natural atmosphere of well-being in their public, work and home environments. High-quality interior mineral paints, primers, textured finishes and intermediate coating materials with filling properties, along with façade renders and paints, represent good choices if you are looking for a sustainable and durable finish.

Mineral Paints

“Normal” paints form a film on the surface. Mineral paints bond with the substrate and do not require any solvents, plasticisers or preservatives. Furthermore, they are incredibly durable, weather resistant, colourfast and naturally environmentally friendly.

Some advantages of mineral paints:

  • The colours do not fade. This means that your colour design will last longer.
  • There are no emissions or waste products that pose a risk to your health or the environment.
  • They are naturally resistant to mould growth.

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