Floor Coverings That Enhance Any Setting

Floor coverings and colour designs go hand in hand. Both will have a major influence on the style and atmosphere of your redesigned room. Would you like to combine a wooden floor with simple furniture designs to create a clean, yet warm atmosphere? Do you know what kinds of designs can be implemented with various materials? Would you like to have a different design in every room or do you prefer a uniform character for various rooms?

For smaller flats and living spaces, we recommend the latter. A uniform look provides a sense of tranquillity and contentment. Nevertheless, personalised guidance is essential for ensuring that the colours, shapes, materials and designs of walls and floors will combine to create the indoor atmosphere that you desire – this is no problem at all with the help of our digital advising and visualisation services!

We can install all types of floor coverings and can also renovate your wood floors: Our services include touch-up work, sanding, oiling and sealing.


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